10 Serie A talents who could be on the move in the summer

10 Serie A talents who could be on the move in the summer – including Man Utd, Arsenal striker target

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Joshua Zirkzee, Giorgio Scalvini and Matias Soule
Zirkzee, Scalvini and Soule are three of Serie A’s best U23 players

Serie A is filled with exciting talent and there are so many top young players performing well this season outside the main clubs who could be on the move in the summer.

With so many of the big Italian clubs recruiting from Serie A, maybe some of these may end up at the likes of Juventus, Inter, Milan, Napoli, Roma, Lazio or even may end up in another of the top five leagues. Maybe even your team.

Here are 10 of the best U23 talents likely to make a move this summer.

1. Giorgio Scalvini (Atalanta) – Centre-Back, 20

The Atalanta youngster feels like he’s been around for a while now since he made his debut at 18 but he’s now a well-established regular playing as a libero. Already playing 82 games for Atalanta, he’s very highly thought of and rightly so.

A front footed aggressive defender with excellent on the ball ability, I see his future as a DM not a CB due to his on the ball ability and front-footed naturei loves to carry the ball out the defence to start attacks. An excellent carrier who drives forward with purpose.

Scalvini’s passing range is ridiculous too. For the teams in Europe looking for a new #6, Scalvini may be a good option.

2. Joshua Zirkzee (Bologna) – Striker, 22

Technical Dutch striker whose intelligent movement creates space in behind for other players to run into. One of the best link-up, creative strikers in Europe this season and has become such a complete player. has gone to another level. He can take on players, hold up the ball to flick it on to advanced runners, or swiftly turn to beat defenders. He can drop deep to create, run in behind or stay central in the box to get on the end of crosses.

Right now at Bologna, Zirkzee has so much creative responsibility but if the players around him were better creators, then you could see him becoming a complete #9 who scores a lot of goals.

There’s already been so many top teams such as Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Arsenal, Manchester United and more linked to him. As a project striker he could explode in the right system.

3. Matías Soulé (Juventus – On Loan At Frosinone) – Right-Winger, 20

Soulé has been one of my favourite wingers this season. An ability to take on players like no other but more impressive is his football IQ and understanding of the game. He reads the game so well and judges what it needs. Soulé is able to change the game in so many different ways.

Great at taking on players to get shots off. He can cut inside on his left to whip accurate crosses in the box and create chances for teammates.

Not only that but at only 20-years-old he’s shown great maturity to take on responsibility as Frosinone’s difference maker. Often takes free-kicks and penalties for them too. In 22 Serie A games this season he has 10 goals and two assists.

Whether he’s likely to leave that remains to be seen but in January, Juventus were thought to be considering the €30m bid from Al Ittihad – but Soulé rejected their proposal as he wants to stay in Europe.

4. Patrick Dorgu (Lecce) – Left-Back, 19

Patrick Dorgu Lecce
Patrick Dorgu is on Liverpool and Man City’s radar

Lecce’s Danish LB is one of the most exciting LB profiles in Europe right now and an all-rounder. Amazing physical ability but impressively relies on his reading of the game to win the ball.

Loves to drive with the ball through central areas with a super close control and tight turn radius allowing him to get through crowded areas with ease.

Dorgu can play as an inverted left-back or even a more traditional overlapping left-back due to his stamina and carrying ability. As an overlapping full-back he can take on players down the line to whip crosses in.

On top of all this his physicality gives him great duel capacity. When congesting a duel he often can come out on top. I don’t see him being at Lecce for much longer with already so many Premier League teams being linked to him.

5. Michael Kayode (Fiorentina) – Right-Back, 19

A very valuable player due to his all-round ability as a full-back and versatility. This season Kayode has played as a RB, LB, RWB, LWB, RM, LM and he could even play as a wide CB in a back 3/5. Kayode has the perfect blend of defensive ability, reading of the game, physicality and on the ball quality.

The Italian’s skilful dribbling enables him to beat defenders and he loves to take them on. He has a winger-like desire to take on players with the athleticism to cover a large amount of ground and get back into good defensive positions. On top of this, he’s good with his weaker left foot which is why he’s been so effective playing on his opposite side.

With so many fixtures and the sport being more about running, injuries are a lot more common and so versatile players are much more valuable as they can fill in for several positions. Kayode is a full-back many teams should be looking at for exactly this.

Every team needs a player like Michael Kayode.

6. Riccardo Calafiori (Bologna) – Centre-Back, 21

One of the most impressive defenders this season. Calafiori struggled at Roma and was sold to FC Basel but it’s out in Switzerland where he started to put things together.

At Roma he was played as a LWB in a defensive Mourinho side, Basel he played mainly at LB but also featured at LCB in their back four and now at Bologna Thiago Motta has deployed him almost exclusively as a LCB in a back four. It’s this switch and Motta’s style which has suited him perfectly.

Calafiori’s reading of the game is outstanding. His front footed approach often sees him intercept the ball then go on to carry it forward and combine with midfielders. He’s a defender with midfielder like dribbling and passing abilities. Bologna play with CBs that push up into midfield and Calafiori has taken to this so naturally.

It’s no doubt that the big Italian teams such as Juventus and AC Milan in need of a LCB and big teams abroad will be looking at Calafiori.

7. Jacopo Fazzini (Empoli) – Centre-Midfielder, 20

Empoli’s academy has produced some seriously good talent recently and Fazzini is no exception. Seems like one of those players who will end up at one of the big Italian teams and become a key player much like the likes of Barella and Locatelli.

A press resistance midfielder with excellent passing ability, Fazzini has the work ethic, stamina and all-round ability to support a team in all phases. Rides challenges well and loves to combine with teammates.

Fazzini really comes alive in the final third where he can play a killer final pass and even chip in with goals. I can see him making a move soon if his quality performances continue.

8. Ivan Ilić (Torino) – Centre-Midfielder, 22

Serbian central-midfield genius Ilić just keeps on developing into a complete all-action #8. His recent move to Torino saw him reunited with manager Ivan Jurić who gave him his debut at Hellas Verona.

At Verona he played well further forward, but this season at Torino he’s played further back and been crucial in all their build-up play. An excellent passer and creator from deep, Ilić has it all. He reads the game well defensively and can carry the ball proficiently. Also, he can shoot well from distance.

With so many possession-based teams now, it’s crucial that players are secure on the ball and have a wide understanding of so many sides to the game. Ilić’s defensive development on top of the fact he’s such a good dueller has made him way more complete. Add to that the fact he’s so secure on the ball.

I’m convinced he’ll be on the move in the near future.

9. Morten Frendrup (Genoa) – Centre-Midfielder, 22

Physically dominant midfielder with a box-to-box prowess. Frendrup has insane stamina to cover a huge amount of ground.

Frendrup’s main attribute though is his ball-winning ability. Some of the highest defensive numbers in Europe due to all the work ethic he has off the ball and his reading of the game.

Best as a double pivot player or a more defensive #8. Not elite on the ball but off the ball is quality. However, his front-footed, box-to-box nature definitely suits being a more advanced midfielder instead of a lone #6 sitter.

Since Genoa have been struggling this season at times in the bottom half of the table and Frendrup has been performing so well, I don’t see him at the club much longer.

10. Lazar Samardžić (Udinese) – Attacking-Midfielder, 21

The Serbian creative midfielder’s move to Inter in the summer collapsed leaving him still at Udinese this season. But it seems likely that he’ll make a move in the summer, whether to Inter or somewhere else.

As a #8 or #10 he’s the main creative midfielder who will change the game for you. Outstanding vision to pick out through balls to attackers in advanced areas but has an impressive ability to weave in and out of challenges in the final third.

Samardžić has the ability to play anywhere between a deep creator or a second striker. It just depends which team picks him up and what their system is.

I like him best in the pockets between the opponent’s midfield and defence creating and scoring goals. It’s in these areas where he also shows off his ability to score from distance. In addition to this, from free kicks too. But whatever role put in, he can thrive.

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